Jacob is a multi-disciplinary artist based in
Los Angeles, CA with a focus on:



All Recording Contributions

Laney Tripp - Cedar Island Songs EP (Producer)
Corey Kilgannon - Radiant Phaedrus LP (Producer)
LANNDS - Bonfire (Saxophone)
Marcel Caillaux - Cuando No Me Quede Nada (Co-Producer)
Sontra - Gremlin (Saxophone)
Lynn Marie - Like I Need Water (Saxophone)
nol - Moonstone Beach (Saxophone)
Teal Peel - Bugs LP (Keyboards; Saxophone)
Penny and Sparrow - Neat Christmas (Saxophone)
andrews’ - silent nights (saxophone)
Laney Tripp and Jacob Cummings - Fishing From Heaven LP (Producer, Co-Writer)
Corey Kilgannon Slim Margins LP (’Canyons’ and ‘So Much Love’ Co-Producer)
Corey Kilgannon - Florida Cowbow EP (Keyboards)
Jacob Cummings - Slow Paradise LP (Producer, Writer)
Sandy Hawkins - Chauncey’s Dream (Saxophone)
Sandy Hawkins - Original Sins (Saxophone)
Corey Kilgannon - Rainbow Song (Keyboard)
Corey Kilgannon - As Above, So Below LP (’The Oasis’ Keyboards, Piano, Saxophone; ‘Waves’ Co-Producer, Saxophone)
Chris Maier - Sea Creatures LP (’Tap Dancing’, ‘Shark Dreams’, ‘Sounds of the Deep’, and ‘Portals’ Saxophone)
andrews’ - silent nights (saxophone)
Radiant Phaedrus - Lazy Deuces LP (Producer)
Radiant Phaedrus - Los Angeles (February 2020) (Producer)
Radiant Phaedrus - A Cartoon Cowboy Christmas (Producer)
Radiant Phaedrus - Improvisations: For Inarticulable Times (Co-Writer)
Laney Tripp - Doing Fine EP (’La La’ and ‘Bitter’ Producer; ‘Doing Fine’ Saxophone)
Bev - Bev EP (Producer, Co-Writer)